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Thank You Give Away From Rant4u

107846 - NUTRILITE® Rhodiola 110 Supplement - Blister Pack

After much consideration our Rant4u team has decided to give something back to it’s subscribers.  As you all must know by now, Amway is one of our founding partners, and together we will be giving away one of Amway’s products.  The product is NUTRILITE Rhodiola 110 Dietary Supplement.  This is over a $20.00 value and the details about the product can be seen from the link above.  Everyone will be entered into this give away, as soon as Rant4u hits 1000 subscribers, we will have the drawing.  If you would like your name entered more than once, share this post.  Sharing this post will increase your chances of willing by one each time.   We will be posting the winner’s name on rant4u. and contacting them via email after the drawing.  Good luck, and keep ranting!


Spring Awakening Festival

rant4u will be attending the show.  Lets kick back and drop some bass! Chicago, IL.

Is Evernote the next billion-dollar company?

Evernote, which makes a popular app for taking and keeping notes, has raised a $100 million round of funding led by Meritech, according to a Business Insider story.

The story reports that the funding round would value Evernote at $1 billion. TechCrunch counters that the round has not closed and that the numbers may end up being different. Everynote has raised $95.5 million to date in four venture rounds; the last was $50 million.

Evernote reports 20 million users of its product over several major computing platforms: Windows, OS X, iOS, Android, and others. The product is sold in the U.S. on the freemium model; it’s free to use, with some features and capacity limits raised for paying customers. In Japan, where Evernote is also popular, it is also sold in retail stores. Read More

7 Surprising Facts About Mobile Shoppers

As we all know, the spike in smartphone adoption is changing the way users interact with their mobile devices. For instance, phone calls are no longer the point of phones for many of us.

Instead, we expect our phones to perform more complicated tasks in shorter amounts of time, and we take them with us wherever we go. People also treat the smartphone as a first screen, rather than a second screen, because it’s the go-to device to instantly source real-time information like directions, prices, and reviews.

In fact, most people look at their phone about 150 times a day, (that’s roughly once every 6.5 minutes), according to Qualcomm CEO, Paul Jacobs. Those glances are to check incoming e-mail and text messages, but mobile web browsing is exploding as well. This begs the question: what about mobile shopping?

These days, consumers are indeed using their smartphones to bridge the gap between brick-and-mortar stores and ecommerce. IBM reported that Black Friday sales were up 24.3% in 2011 and attributed some of these gains to mobile device purchases, which “surged to 9.8% from 3.2%,” compared to the same time last year.

In an effort to learn more about who these mobile shoppers are, we conducted a quantitative study, zeroing in on adults (we define adults as anyone 18 years old and above) who used a smartphone or tablet to shop during the holiday season. What we found is that consumers are constantly integrating their smartphones into their shopping routines all year round. Below, are seven other interesting facts about how this plays out.  Read More

New App Eliminates Texting and Driving Distractions via GPS Technology

LAS VEGAS, April 18, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — The innovative, patent-pending Drive Safe Mode™ App was launched in Las Vegas. Already, the application has been widely embraced by adults, teens and parents. Even not-for-profit organizations are incorporating the new application and the company’s mission to further instill driving precautions. This brand new technology has exceeded the expectations of previous applications offering similar drive safe options.


What differentiates the patent-pending Drive Save Mode™ App from similar Android and iPhone applications? The app works directly with your phone’s GPS to analyze the car’s driving speed. Once the app recognizes the user is in motion, the screen is locked. This means no emails, texts or Facebook notifications popping up on the screen while driving. The only access permitted is the ability to call emergency phone numbers. 911 is automatically add to the app as an emergency number, and users can add additional emergency numbers, such as those for parents or family members.

The application is great for anxious parents who have heard one too many stories about reckless teenagers dangerously veering off of the road while texting and driving. This way, their children are completely unable to see text messages, make phone calls, or update their Facebook status until they have successfully reached their destination. In the event the application is disabled, parents on the account will receive immediate notification of this change so they can take appropriate action.  Read More

15 Sexiest Female Musicians (That Don’t Suck)

These days, we’re inundated with overly-airbrushed female musicians supported only by their underwires and overproduction. While many lesser-known artists are slowly being recognized by larger audiences, we’d still like to see many more female musicians in the spotlight who have raw talent — with whatever instrument it may be. Here are 15 incredibly sexy female musicians — that don’t suck. See Them All

TSA should stop banning items, stop ‘unending nightmare’ of USA air travel

It might be no surprise to you, but the TSA has made air travel within the USA an “unending nightmare.” What might surprise you is the man who said it. Kip Hawley served as the head of the Transportation Security Administration from July 2005 to January 2009, but he said, “Airport security in America is broken.” Hawley suggested American air travel “would be safer if we allowed knives, lighters and liquids and focused on disrupting new terror plots.” His comments have ticked off Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano who said Hawley’s ridicule of the TSA “bred contempt” among the public. Read More

C++ Recursion

In this code I’m not using the proper recursion method, or I’m not fully understanding what “recursion” is actually about.  Some help on this matter would be much appreciated.

#include <iostream>
#include <cmath>
#include <string>
#include <iomanip>
using namespace std;

// declare global variables
int sum, num1, num2, result, result1;

// function prototypes
void functionRecursion(int, int);
void functionCall(int);
void functionExit();
void functionLessThan(int);
void functionGreaterThan(int);
int functionCounter(int); // recursion function

int main()

functionRecursion(num1, num2);
return 0;

void functionRecursion(int num1, int num2)

cout <<“please enter two numbers:  “<<endl;
cin >> num1 >> num2;

result1 = num1 * num2;
result = num1 * 5;
cout << result <<endl;
cout << result1 <<endl;
void functionCall(int result)
if(result < 500)
void functionLessThan(int result)
cout << “Your answer is less then 500” <<endl;
int functionCounter(result);
system (“pause”);
exit (0);
void functionGreaterThan(int result)
cout << “Your answer is greater than 500” <<endl;
system (“pause”);
exit (0);

int functionCounter(int result)
int result2 = result;  //setting result2 to equal result for the function counter (switch)
for(int result2 = 0; result2 < 500 ; result2++);
cout <<“your answer is:   ” << result2 <<endl;
return result2;  //returning result2

Mortgage rates tumble back into record territory

Mortgage rates fell this week, with the 15-year fixed rate hitting yet another record low, amid news of weak job growth during the month of March.

Borrowers seeking 15-year mortgages, a popular choice for those looking to refinance, were rewarded with an average interest rate of just 3.11% this week, down from last week’s 3.21% and more than one percentage point lower than a year earlier, according to Freddie Mac (FMCC, Fortune 500)’s weekly mortgage rate survey.  Read More

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