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How Penny Stocks Build Overnight Millionaires

On Wed. January 20, Dearborn Bancorp Inc. (DEAR) rose from $.61 to $2.35. If you had bought and sold the stock at those prices, it could have turned your $1,309.80 into $5,042.73 in just one day! That’s like paying yourself $533 per hour each hour the market was open!
 On Friday the 22nd, Somaxon Pharma (SOMX) went up 114%, which could have exploded your $10,085.46 into as much as $21,179.46! Interested?


Wall Street mostly slips, but tech keeps S&P near 4-year highs

The benchmark S&P 500 index, up 11.6 percent so far this quarter, found buyers at the 1,400 level, which has been held for five straight days. Support at that level suggests more gains in coming weeks.
The technology sector rose again, with the Nasdaq 100 technology index .NDXT up 0.4 percent for the day and up close to 18 percent this year. It helped the broader Nasdaq Composite edge up for the day. Read More…

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