RC Powers

“How would you like to have the best flying performance with just 2 servos?”
It’s taken us a few years, but we found a way to TRULY get a plane to fly its best off of elevons only!

It works because the entire plane is designed around flying off of elevons only.
It is not an “after thought” that is “squeezed in” for the beginner crowd like everyone else does.

This all started with our own frustration of how hard it is to fly an “easy plane” with elevons only!
This was embarrassing because as an “expert” how am I losing control of these beginner planes?

We then thought that it must just be bad luck so we tried more beginner planes that flew with elevons only.
Every plane like this eventually went down and there was always someone there to see and laugh.

The big breakthrough was with our angled out verticals that created a self stabilizing yaw effect.
This made us happy because we thought we could use this to act as an “auto rudder”!

We were proud to show it off because this worked better than expected on the Su-34 V4 Super Trainer.
The people at the field said that it must be flying off of at least 4ch. Nope, just elevons only. Amazing!

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