Social Media Trends 2014: the latest data, infographics and statistics

Quick revision: social media trends 2014 and what 2013 gave us

2013 was the year when the basis of what will be a trend in the future was established.
Let’s check out some facts that confirm this:

    • Mobile devices will increasingly play an important role, considering more than60% the population access social media content using them.
      Extra piece of information:
      In its QA report Facebook pointed out that 53% of its profit come from “mobile ads”, which “only” means 1.25 billion dollars. If Facebook does it, then why not you?


    • 80-20” was established as the rule to share content. Its efficacy was proven, brands now respect it and apply it more than ever: 20% of the content must be about the brand, and 80% must be general interest information that contributes something nice to the users’ lives.
      Extra piece of information:
      In the same QA announcement Facebook stated its efforts will be oriented towards contextualizing and personalizing content: anything from adds to devices, formatss, content, sales, email marketing, etc.


    • Microvideo: this type of content, will be on the same level as pictures and will become more and more popular thanks to the 15-second demonstration by Instagram and then with Vine, introduced by Twitter.


  • Social Selling: sale through social networks since they are considered part of the new sales model. Since the web has turned social organizations adapted their processes so as to seize this channel and along with that comes customer service within these platforms.

Now let’s take a look at the general trends in more detail, following this infographic prepared by TalkWalker. The following aspects will be the focus of investment and attention for the marketing community:

social media trends 2014


Notwithstanting these previous numbers, according to the report carried out (we’ll later go into more detail about this) by The Content Marketing Institute, companies invest in social media but still questions its effectivity which shows us there’s still a long way to go in building trust and investment in social networks. There’s no doubt we’re just getting started, it’s the beginning of an era..

social media trends

The Search Engine Journal, in its infographic provides us with some insights that enable us to design new strategies for this year:

    • 93% of marketers use social networks for business (= being on social networks is no longer an option but an obligation).
    • 70% of brands are already on Google + (= it’s the main factor of any SEO strategy, if you want to be found you need to be on G+)
    • 34% of marketers have been able to sell successfuly via Twitter.
    • Facebook, Twitter and G+ are the most used 3 platforms for business and marketers.
    • tendencias en redes sociales 2014
    • Tip: the key is to have brand advocates


        • 70% of marketers have been successful gaining new customers via social networks.
          Extra piece of information 1: 57% of users trust more in the opinion of his/her contacts than in what the brand has got to say about its product or service.
          Extra piece of information 2: 47% of social networks users state that Facebook has had a bigger impact on their decision to buy than any other social network .

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