You Are Being Hunted On Social Media


Working at home has ups and downs. This morning I found myself picking a piece of Lego out of my foot that I managed to step on in the darkness, again. That coupled with the fact that I had to yet find my way to the coffee maker meant that my mood was far less than pleasant.

After properly caffeinating, I cracked open my laptop to see what was waiting for me in the queue. The third email I noticed was from a friend who had sent me an email with something regarding Robin Williams who had recently passed away. My alarm bells were ringing in my head.

I have enjoyed the work of Robin Williams for many years but, this particular person didn’t and also was unaware of my fondness for his work. Then I realized that he had clicked on a phishing email or had his computer somehow compromised. I wish that there was some sort of antibiotic for this sort of situation but, the reality is that security awareness is a constant battle to be waged.  Read More


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