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How Much Energy is Released?

How much energy (in kilojoules) is released when 7.40g of water at 39.0∘C is cooled to -18.0∘C? The heat of fusion of water is 6.01 kJ/mol, and the molar heat capacity is 36.6 J/(K⋅mol) for ice and 75.3 J/(K⋅mol) for liquid water.

What is the Radius of a Tungsten atom?

The length of a unit-cell diagonal that passes through the center atom in tungsten is equal to 549 pm.

What is the radius (in picometers) of a tungsten atom?

What is the entropy of vaporization?

Naphthalene, better known as “mothballs,” has bp= 218∘C and ΔHvap = 43.3kJ/mol.

What is the entropy of vaporization, ΔSvap [in J/(K⋅mol)] for naphthalene?

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