Calculate The Energy in Kilojoules to Completely Remove an Electron From a Hydrogen Atom

Calculate in kilojoules per mole the energy necessary to completely remove an electron fro the first shell of a hydrogen atom.

R(infinity) =  (1.097×10^-2 nm^-1)



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  1. 1/lambda = R(infinity)[(1/m^2) – [1/n^2)]
    (1.097×10^-2nm^-1)[(1/(1^2) – 1/(infinity^2)] =
    (1.097×10^-2nm^-1)(1/1) = 1/(1.097×10^-2nm^-1) = 91.2nm
    E = h(c/lambda)(NA)
    (6.626×10^-34Js)[(3.00×10^8m/m) / (91.2×10^-9m)] (6.022×10^23mol) = 1.31×10^6J/mol =



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