Theoretical, Actual, and Percent Yields

Ethyl butyrate, CH3CH2CH2CO2CH2CH3, is an artificial fruit flavor commonly used in the food industry for such flavors as orange and pineapple. Its fragrance and taste are often associated with fresh orange juice, and thus it is most commonly used as orange flavoring.

It can be produced by the reaction of butanoic acid with ethanol in the presence of an acid catalyst (H+):


Given 7.50g of butanoic acid and excess ethanol, how many grams of ethyl butyrate would be synthesized, assuming a complete 100% yield?

A chemist ran the reaction and obtained 5.25g  of ethyl butyrate. What was the percent yield?

The chemist discovers a more efficient catalyst that can produce ethyl butyrate with a 78.0% yield. How many grams would be produced from 7.50g of butanoic acid and excess ethanol?


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  1. mass of ethyl butyrate = 9.89g
    percent yield = 53.1%
    mass of ethyl butyrate = 7.71g



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