Hydrogen Cyanide Poisoning

Hydrogen cyanide, HCN, is a poisonous gas. The lethal dose is approximately 300. mg HCN per kilogram of air when inhaled. The density of air at26 ∘C is 0.00118 g/cm3.

Calculate the amount of HCN that gives the lethal dose in a small laboratory room measuring 12.0 ft×15.0 ft×8.50ft.

Consider the formation of HCN by the reaction of NaCN(sodium cyanide) with an acid such as H2SO4 (sulfuric acid):


What mass of NaCN gives the lethal dose in the room?

HCN forms when synthetic fibers containing Orlon® or Acrilan®burn. Acrilan® has an empirical formula of CH2CHCN, so HCN is 50.9% of the formula by mass. A rug in the laboratory measures 12.0× 15.0ft and contains 30.0 oz of Acrilan® fibers per square yard of carpet. If the rug burns, what mass of HCNwill be generated in the room? Assume that the yield of HCNfrom the fibers is 20.0% and that the carpet is 37.0% consumed.


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  1. 1.) 15.3 g
    2.) 27.8 g
    3.) 641 g


  2. These answers are incorrect. The correct answers are: 1.)15.7g and 2.)28.5g and 3.)526g


  3. The answers above are incorrect. The correct answers are: 1.)15.7g and 2.)28.5g and 3.)526g. I wanted the next person to have the correct answers. Thanks!


  4. No, Tommy and Anonymous are in correct in the first two answers. Rant4u actually has the first 2 answers correct! The 3 commentors are incorrect at the last question.

    1.) 15.33 g (Not 15.7)
    2.) 27.8 g (Not 28.5)
    3.) 624 g
    These are correct because I got them correct on my MasteringChemistry assignment.



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