Concentration of an Aqueous Soultion

The concentration of an aqueous solution of NaOCl (sodium hypochlorite; the active ingredient in household bleach) can be determined by a redox titration with iodide ion in acidic solution: OCl−(aq)+2I−(aq)+2H+(aq)→Cl−(aq)+I2(aq)+H2O(l)Assume that the blue spheres in the buret represent I− ions, the red spheres in the flask represent OCl− ions, the concentration of the I−ions in the buret is 0.140M , and the volumes in the buret and the flask are identical.

What is the concentration of NaOCl in the flask?

What percentage of the I− solution in the buret must be added to the flask to react with all the OCl− ions?



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  1. NaOCl = 4.67×10−2M



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