Protein Content in Meat

A 25.00-mL sample of H2SO4(aq) requires 22.65 mL of the 0.5510 M NaOH for its titration. Assuming that sulfuric acid behaves as a strong acid with respect to both ionizable hydrogen atoms, what was the concentration of the sulfuric acid (H2SO4)?


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  1. Now that the acid has been standardized and you know it is 0.2496 M H2SO4, you perform the actual experiment as follows:
    A 2.800-g sample of meat is subjected to Kjeldahl analysis. The liberated NH3(g) is absorbed by adding 50.00 mL of H2SO4(aq), which is more than enough. The excess acid requires 19.90 mL of 0.5510 M NaOH for its complete neutralization.

    What is the percentage of protein in the meat?



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