Best Video Applications for a One-Way Trip to Mars

Mars picture - illustration of a human settlement on Mars

An illustration of a human settlement on Mars.

Daniac and more than 100,000 other eager applicants have signed up for theMars One project, a plan to send humans to Mars—on a one-way trip—starting in 2022. (Related: “Ancient Mars Was Snowy, New Model Suggests.”)

The Mars One team plans to pick 40 astronauts from the more than 100,000 applications received from people worldwide. The crew will spend eight years undergoing specialized training in an isolated location to learn skills like dental work and electrical maintenance. In 2022, four of them will be launched into space on a one-way trip to Mars—with more astronauts slated for future missions. (See: “Mars Gets Its Close-Up.”)

To help the team winnow down the applicant field, we watched dozens of videos from the Mars One website, deciding who had the skills and the fortitude to take a giant leap into space. Below are several of our favorites:  See Them


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