Nvidia’s Logan Could Be A Mobile Graphics Disruptor

Today at Siggraph, the world’s largest graphics show, Nvidia NVDA 0% provided more details on their next generation mobile graphics capabilities inside of Logan, the follow-on to Tegra 4. Logan’s graphics are based on Kepler, the graphics used in Nvidia’s PC, workstation and cloud solutions, which, given its good performance per watt, has the potential to be a disruptor in the mobile space.



Nvidia is showing off Logan’s graphics capabilities in a couple of videos here and here that help show off its performance and features. The videos of the demos, created by Nvidia, are impressive by any measurement based on my 20 years evaluating graphics.  They are taking advantage of advanced features like tessellation, global illumination, lots of post processing and raw compute performance.  From an advanced standards point of view, Logan excels, supporting OpenGL ES 3.0, OpenGL 4.4, and DX11.  These levels are very hard to achieve, particularly in mobile.  There is no definitive word yet on OpenCL or RenderScript support, but I would it find it hard to imagine if they didn’t.

Compared to Apple AAPL +5.19%’s iPad 4, Nvidia showed benchmarks from its Logan development board with orders of magnitude higher performance.  It’s not the iPad 5, but that doesn’t matter as its nearly 5x more.  On power, Nvidia is measuring graphics power on their development board at nearly 3X lower than the iPad 4 running graphics benchmarks.  This bodes well for Logan, but keep in mind the tests were run on a development board with early Logan silicon. The ultimate tests is performance per watt and the overall mobile experience in a branded tablet or phone by third party benchmarkers.  Nvidia plans to make this  happen in 1H/14.  Read More


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