Samsung’s ATIV Q tablet runs both Windows 8 and Android Jelly Bean

ATIV Q convertible tablet

ATIV Q convertible tablet from Samsung.

Part of the advantage of having both operating systems in one device is that Windows users can quickly call up Android apps such as Angry Birds by seamlessly toggling back and forth between the two OSs by pushing a button without rebooting, as Samsung officials demonstrated in a London event that was also broadcast via YouTube. A major criticism of Windows 8 has been a relative shortage of apps in the Windows Store, compared to app stores for iOS and Android.

The dual OS concept didn’t make sense to Carolina Milanesi, an analyst at Gartner, even though she liked the ATIV Q design and its ability to convert from tablet to laptop with a foldout keyboard.

“Why would you want both OSs on one device if you wanted to do work and play?” she asked. “To me, this is more about doing technology for the sake of it. The design of the ATIV Q is amazing, but I think it would have done much better in just Windows 8.” She said that while Samsung hasn’t announced the price or other details, she predicted it probably will cost more than buying two tablets, each running a separate OS.

Power users will like having access to both Windows and Android apps, “but I think this concept will be very confusing to the average user,” added Patrick Moorhead, an analyst at Moor Insights and Strategy. “One really positive thing this brings to Windows 8 is the ability to have access to all those Android apps even though are really blown up phone apps.”

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