Huawei pleads global brand ambition, and a softer side

Jessica Dolcourt

 February 24, 2013 6:50 AM PST

Huawei Ascend P2

It’s a vow we’ve heard many times before: Huawei will be a top global brand.

Here at Mobile World Congress, Huawei used its press conference as yet another opportunity to plead its softer side.

Addressing a room full of journalists at Mobile World Congress, Huawei’s director of global brand management, Amy Lou, passionately shared Huawei’s philosophy for aggressively pursuing its dream of becoming a major mobile heavyweight. Sweeping imagery of Earth and dust, and powerful language like “visionary” and “spirited” signaled a new step for Huawei, one that’s far more philosophical and emotional than its usual clinical presentation (that played a role, too.)

Huawei is a brand that “we believe will be as familiar, appealing, as powerful as any name you will see this week in Barcelona,” Lou said, voice filled with idealistic fervor. “Building a global brand “takes time, investment, and consistency,” she added.

2013 is Huawei’s 10th anniversary year with consumer devices, and Lou wants you to know it’s bee quite a journey. Huawei is shifting from an ODM, a nameless original device manufacturer, to an OEM, an original equipment manufacturer with a distinct brand identity.

In addition, 2013 sees Huawei making a more aggressive push bringing premium smartphones to market. In the U.S., for example, Huawei smartphones are still seen as more entry level and midtier devices. Huawei has been yearning for years to change that, and if the company has its way, this year will be the one where it breaks through.  Read More


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