Not a Small World, After All: New Site Brings Social Networking to the Luxe Crowd

A social network for finding honeymoon locales and nannies–but you might not be on the list.

In 2011, Harvey Weinstein wrote in Newsweek that“one of my all-time doozies” was buying a controlling interest in the social network A Small World. Gawker described the site, in 2004, as an “online VIP club,”noting that its members looked for “highbrow fun: Argentinian polo horses for sale, New Delhi club recommendations, and Thanksgiving in London.”

Mr. Weinstein said his mistake was bombarding his upper-crust audience with advertising. “I ignored the technology and went after the bottom line,” he confessed.

A Small World founder Erik Wachtmeister, who is launching a new social network today called Best of All Worlds, would be inclined to agree with that reading. “A Small World had a European soul and it was very delicate,” said Mr. Wachtmeister, who left the company’s board in 2010. “It needed to be tended to.”

His new site, Best of All Worlds, caters to the same sort of people as did A Small World: those for whom social networking is as likely to take place in, say, Gstaad or St. Bart’s, as it is to take place online. Mr. Wachtmeister, the son of a Swedish diplomat who attended Georgetown University, then traveled the world as an investment banker, describes them as “three million people connected to three degrees of separation–counter to the common notion of six billion people connected by six degrees.  Read More


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A Revolution in Social Networking

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