Social Networking for Cars to Enhance Traffic System and Promote Greener and Safer Journey

Social Networking for Cars to Enhance Traffic System and Promote Greener and Safer Journey

In recent times, Social networking has turned out to be the most well established and popular way of exchanging information. The innovative step of introducing ‘social network’ for cars has been launched by the largest ever real-world trials of ‘car-to-X’ (C2X) communications in Germany, with lead partner Daimler. They are all set to show the adaptation of this concept to increase the road safetyand efficiency of motor cars. The ‘SimTD’ (Safe Intelligent Mobility – test field Germany) trial will have 120 vehicles that will take to the roads of the Rhine-Main region until the end of the year. A network link will be established between every car which will also include the traffic infrastructure, in addition to updating each other with the existing situation.

Daimler says, C2X technology has the potential to alert drivers if traffic is blocked, or helps prevent pile-ups by providing drivers with information about an impending emergency stop earlier than otherwise possible. SimTD project leader Dr Christian Weiss explained the field trial, pointing out that it is premeditated to test the suitability of the system for day-to-day use in real-life traffic conditions.“We are convinced that C2X communication is going to play an important role in the mobility of the future,” said Weiss, who is incidentally in charge of cooperating systems at Daimler research and advance development.    Read More


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A Revolution in Social Networking

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