Social media for investigators: Why departments should invest in training

By : Doug Wyllie

It is becoming increasingly imperative for law enforcement agencies big and small to develop officers’ investigative skills in the online social networking world.

That’s but one of the many conclusions found in a comprehensive new survey — conducted in a partnership between PoliceOne and LexisNexis Risk Solutions — focused on the impact of social media on law enforcement in criminal investigations.

Among the highlights are:
   • 83 percent of current users expect to use social media more in the coming year
   • 67 percent of officers believe social media solves crime more quickly
   • 80 percent of officers use social media for investigative purposes

Opportunities (and Hurdles) Ahead
Reading between the lines of the recently-released survey, one inference in particular leaps out — there is an enormous opportunity ahead for law enforcement to detect, investigate, interdict, and prosecute criminal activity, provided that agencies are willing to make an investment in training and resource allocation.

Importantly, however, the survey stated that a “lack of access and familiarity” are primary reasons for non-use with 70 percent of respondents either unable to access social media during work hours or “do not have enough background to use” social media for investigative purposes.  Read More


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