Cyber crooks infiltrate social networking sites

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Imagine this: When you are on going through your Facebook wall, you note that some of your friends have uploaded a link to an application that claims to reveal who visits your profile and how famous you are, just by clicking on it. However, when you realize that this seemingly innocuous activity might provide a gateway to a remote hacker into your own computer, it is too late.

According to the findings of Internet Security Threat Report by a private computer security firm, social networking sites are increasingly used to launch malware attacks in India.

The report highlights that the users feel comparatively safe to surf social networking sites compared to unknown websites. “The very nature of these networking sites makes users incorrectly assume that they are not at risk and attackers won’t use these sites to target new victims. Due to social engineering techniques and the viral nature of social networks, it’s much easier for threats to spread from one person to the next,” said Anand Naik, managing director (India), Symantec.

The report also discusses a twin issue of identity theft. It informs that nearly 11 lakh identities were stolen in India due to data breach. The data got leaked from smart phones, USB’s or storage devices used as backups. Experts claim that more and more people are now using phones to save important data and that its loss or theft can lead to availability of crucial data to criminals.   Read More


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  1. People in general should to be careful what they click on while on the internet. One click and you could be re installing your OS and formatting your drives.


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