How Social Media Helped Me Plan My Wedding—During A Revolution

Is the wedding still on?  Please say yes. Oh God, the army is shooting people in Tahrir? Again? Should I google wedding venues in Dubai? Beirut? No, Beirut’s not doing much better. Crap. Try planning a wedding during a revolution.

Two and a half months to go and I’m a balding bride. Planning one wedding is stressful. Planning two is worse. And planning one in a country with a revolution is just suicidal.

Centerpieces and veils mixed with tear-gas and protests: ‘tis the story of a first generation American-Egyptian and her big fat Egyptian wedding.


Almost a year and a half ago, Egypt put itself back on the map with its social-media, youth organized revolution, overthrowing 30-year dictator Hosni Mubarak. As Egyptians raised their fists in fury, my now-hubby requested my hand in marriage. Seeing as how our friends and family here were terrified to fly to Egypt, we held a small intimate ceremony inWashington, D.C. in March. But neither Karim’s nor my family would rest until we were married the old fashioned Egyptian way – with drums, shaken hips, and ululations.  Read More


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A Revolution in Social Networking

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