20 Facebook and Social Media Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business


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Social media marketing can be used to build strong relationships with your customers, clients, or website visitors who will then become fans or customers, and later advocates of your company. This is one of the best methods for growing your business.

Here are 20 tips you can use immediately to build strong relationships using social media marketing. If you need help implementing them please contact us about one of our Social Media Marketing services we offer.

1. Utilize Your Family and Friends

Ask for the support of your family and friends. Encourage them to become fans on your Facebook page or followers of you on Twitter. Also ask your friends and family to spread the word about your fan page.

2. Facebook Plugins

Incorporating a Facebook plugin into your website and/or blog is an easy and effective way to drive more fan traffic to your Facebook fan page.

3. Other Social Media Networks

Facebook is not your only tool for social media marketing. Be sure to keep your Twitter followers and LinkedIn group members in the loop.

4. Your Newsletter Subscribers

Send out an invitation in your newsletter to your subscribers. Invite them to join to your Facebook fan page, your Twitter following, even your LinkedIn group. Your newsletter subscribers are an excellent source of fan traffic that will actively help spread the message of your company.  Read More


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