Senators push Geithner on potentially illegal taxpayer-funded social media campaigns

Photos: AP

Republican Sens. Orrin Hatch of Utah and Jerry Moran of Kansas on Tuesday pushed Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to account for his department’s use of what may be illegal taxpayer-funded social media campaigns aimed at legislation pending before Congress.

In a letter to Geithner, the two GOP senators note how “[o]ver the past few years” Geithner’s Department of Treasury has “expanded significantly” its use of YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and the department’s own “Treasury Notes” blog. Moran and Hatch say this increased social media presence comes “at some cost to the taxpayers.”

“In recent postings to the Treasury Notes blog, Treasury’s Twitter account, Treasury’s Facebook page, and to slideshare, the Treasury department broadcast, under Treasury’s logo, the attached ‘infographic’ which identifies appropriations legislation pending before the Congress as ‘Pound Foolish,’” Moran and Hatch wrote to Geithner as an example of such behavior.

“Elsewhere throughout many of your social media postings, there are links to presentations designed to support or defeat legislation pending before the Congress,” they added. “For example, there are links in your social media postings to a 2011 interview on BloombergTV with you, during which you advocated that Congress adopt what the President labeled his ‘American Jobs Act’ and you stated that ‘if Congress doesn’t act, it’ll be because Republicans decided they did not want to do anything to help the economy.’”

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