5 Ways To Better Integrate Social Media & Enterprise SEO

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Social media has a direct and indirect impact on SEO but few large organizations are integrating the two as well as they should.

At the enterprise level, the two disciplines actually have a lot in common beyond the strategic and tactical crossover. Like SEO, social media cannot be segmented as a separate activity or fully owned by any one department.

Yet social media is often siloed within an organization, making it more difficult to effectively coordinate social and SEO. In addition, for every way that social media initiatives can support SEO, there as just as many ways they can create conflicts or issues.

But since overcoming roadblocks and coordinating efforts across multiple departments and business units is already a fundamental part of enterprise SEO, what’s one more thing to deal with?

With that in mind here are five ways to better leverage social media for enterprise SEO.

1.  Google Authorship & AuthorRank

For publishers and content-oriented sites Google Authorship is good initiative for demonstrating the direct connection between social media and SEO to the organization. It is also a good way to foster collaboration since done well, it involves multiple departments.

Design and tech are pulled in to create better on-site author profile pages and for the rel=”author” implementation. The social media and SEO teams educate around effective use of Google+. And at the heart of the effort, the editorial staff provides the content and participation.

The visual author information in the SERPs combined with the Author Stats report in Google Webmaster Tools makes it possible to convey the value through concrete examples instead of just theoretical terms.

Success can then be used to encourage more efforts to leverage AuthorRank to connect author authority and social signals with search visibility in both Google and Bing. It is still early days in terms of the impact of AuthorRank, but it is worth experimenting with.  Read More


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