Pay Per Click Expert: 5 Ways to Save on Online Advertising

 Photo: PRWeb / (c) Andrew Dernie

Photo: PRWeb / (c) Andrew Dernie

Pay per click management firm Webrageous has discovered the 5 best ways to save on online advertising which it wishes to share with current and prospective online advertisers.

Webrageous’ Director of Marketing David Chapman said it is clear that many online advertisers appear to be out of their depth when it comes to saving money online.

“Not only are online advertisers depleting their budgets more quickly but they are failing to properly utilize the money they’re spending or see returns from their advertising dollars,” Mr. Chapman said.

“By following these 5 steps, online advertisers should begin to see an improvement in their online advertising campaigns, conversions and return on advertising spend.”

1. Optimize, optimize and optimize again
Achieving the top spots on Google has a lot to do with how optimized an advertiser’s online advertising campaigns are if they are going to achieve the all important high quality score (the key indicator for how high up an advertisement will appear). This, in turn, will reduce the amount of money an advertiser will need to spend on keywords and on online advertising in general.

“Online advertisers should be continually assessing and optimizing their keywords, their advertisement text, call-to-action headlines, websites and conversion paths,” Mr. Chapman said. “Without these all important aspects highly optimized you could be losing out on a large chunk of advertising potential.”

If any of these aspects is not highly optimized, online advertisers also risk losing customers along the way or tainting their brand by encouraging users to put a black mark against their name. Examples include having keywords that aren’t related to the ad listing, websites that don’t offer what was promised in the ads and confusing conversion paths.  Read More


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