5 Social Media Marketing Myths You Should Understand

Lots of time, effort and resources are being wasted by businesses, brands and organizations that lack a clear understanding of social media marketing. Too often, in my agency’s experience, we’re seeing social media being treated as a list of boxes to be checked off rather than a powerful way of building awareness, communicating with consumers and ultimately selling more stuff! The sooner we stop believing these five myths the better:

1. Social media marketing is about building relationships with consumers

Consumers don’t want to have a deep, committed relationship with your brand. They’re selfish, and with good reason. It’s their time and money.They want you when they need you, on their terms, not yours. If there is a relationship, it’s one sided. Fans won’t pick your brand up at the airport or bring it soup when it has a cold, unless there’s a chance of winning a prize. They want to show your brand off in front of their friends, and let them know how amazing the two of you look together, until you change, or update, and then they want to complain about it. This makes them feel good.

Consumers want deals on things. They want to know when you have a sale. They want to know when a new product or feature is rolling out, if they need it, otherwise it’s annoying. They want you there on Facebook and Twitter so they can brag about you to their friends, yell at you when something breaks, or doesn’t taste the way they thought it would, or was perfectly fine and they just want another one for free. They watch your videos on YouTube so they can be entertained, informed, and so they can leave comments about how much they love you, hate you or don’t care.

You can make the argument that consumers give back by buying your stuff and sharing your brand message, but even that is with selfish intent. Still, your responsibility is to give them every opportunity to do so. Consumers don’t need more friends, they need things that entertain them, inform them, make their lives easier or give them a forum in which to be heard. If you can be there to do that, you’ll be top of mind when they’re ready to buy.  Read More


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