Social media on fire after shooting

From text messages to Twitter, many people inside and outside ECMC used social media to stay informed during the lockdown.

It was basically the only way the people locked down at ECMC had to talk to each other, their families outside, and the news media – a discreet text, e-mail or tweet from their smartphones. Rumors and facts surfaced first on the social media circuit.

Before the wall-to-wall on-air coverage and press conferences, social media lit up with news of the fatal shooting at ECMC. The initial posts expressed shock and fear.

“Who gets shot in a hospital?” Colleen tweeted.

From Melissa: “This is sad and a little scary!!”

“It’s a tragedy,” Valerie posted on WIVB’s Facebook page. “Can’t even be safe in a hospital.”

As the realization that someone had died sunk in, then came the messages of condolence.

“This is so ridiculous,” read a Facebook comment from Karema. “God bless and be with the family of the woman that was killed.”

Those wishes became more heartfelt, with the revelation that 33-year-old Jackie Wisniewski was a single mother, an ECMC clerk, aspiring to become a nurse.

From Crystal: “No little boy, or girl, should ever have to hear that violence took their mother! RIP.”

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