YouTube and other sites catering to online videos is an increasing target for advertisers. With viral videos and the convenience of watching episodes of your favorite TV show becoming commonplace, the days of avoiding those pesky ads are over. However, for advertisers, they are increasingly convinced that promoting products on the web is just as effective as television.

A recent survey by BrightRoll pointed out that 64 percent of advertisers surveyed said that online video advertising is equally or more effective than ads on television. Moreover, 87 percent of those surveyed said that video was more effective than display advertising. With 70 percent of online users watching video, it’s no coincidence why advertisers are gravitating towards putting ad money on sites like YouTube.

“This year’s survey reveals that digital advertisers are looking to new technologies to help them connect and engage with audiences in a more impactful way, establishing meaningful metrics, deliver strong and maximize investments,” said Tod Sacerdoti, CEO and founder of BrightRoll in the annual report.

Here are five things to consider about online video and why it may be catching up with television in advertising effectiveness.  Read More


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