Google Gets Better At Detecting Hacked Pages, Adds Golf Search Feature & More


Instead of announcing every one of its many search tweaks individually, Google has lately taken to announcing all the changes it has made to its search engine once per month. Today, the company released a list of the 39 previously unannounced changes it made in May. Among these changes are basic tweaks to its search algorithm, including changes to its so-called Penguin algorithm, a change that should improve the relevancy of news content in Google’s main search results, and some tweaks that will help the company detect link schemes that are meant to spam its search results pages.

Google also improved the way it detects hacked pages and how it alerts users of these issues. Until now, Google says, “this algorithm has focused exclusively on homepages.” Now, however, hackers have learned from this and are hiding their hacked pages deeper on the sites they compromise. In reaction, Google has now expanded its algorithms to look for the issues on deeper pages as well.

This update also brings three sports-related updates: There is now a unified soccer search feature for finding scores and schedules across leagues in Spain, England, Germany and Italy. Google will now also more frequently feature NBA scores and scheduling information at the top of its search results and it’s adding a Golf search feature that will highlight information from the PGA tour.

Other interesting tweaks include the addition of rich music snippets on mobile search and improved autocompletion on mobile.

Here is the full list:

  • Deeper detection of hacked pages. [launch codename “GPGB”, project codename “Page Quality”] For some time now Google has been detecting defaced content on hacked pages and presenting a notice on search results reading, “This site may be compromised.” In the past, this algorithm has focused exclusively on homepages, but now we’ve noticed hacking incidents are growing more common on deeper pages on particular sites, so we’re expanding to these deeper pages.
  • Autocomplete predictions used as refinements. [launch codename “Alaska”, project codename “Refinements”] When a user types a search she’ll see a number of predictions beneath the search box. After she hits “Enter”, the results page may also include related searches or “refinements”. With this change, we’re beginning to include some especially useful predictions as “Related searches” on the results page.  Read More

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