Dennis Crowley On Reinventing Foursquare: De-Emphasizing Check-ins, Digging Into Data, Moving Toward Revenue

It has been a big day for Foursquare: The New York-based company finally unveiled the newest version of its popular location-based mobile app, Foursquare 5.0 — the iOS version of the applaunched at midnight Eastern Time, and the Android version was pushed out several hours later. It’s a big overhaul for the now three-year-old Foursquare: The app was totally rebuilt from the top to bottom in a way that makes it both more simple and more fully-featured. Foursquare 5.0 is the company’s biggest and boldest step yet toward becoming a complete recommendation engine andstandalone social network, a bid to move well beyond its reputation as a fun “check-in” app.

So TechCrunch TV was very happy to have the opportunity to snag the first post-launch interview with Foursquare co-founder and CEO Dennis Crowley to get the full scoop on how Foursquare 5.0 has been received by users so far and what’s up next for the company. You can watch my conversation with Crowley in its entirety in the video embedded above, and below you can read some of his key insights:

Taking The Spotlight Off The Check-In

It’s not your imagination: The new version of the Foursquare app has indeed been designed to place less focus on the “check-in” function that in many ways Foursquare has pioneered. Crowley said that in doing so, Foursquare is really just following the behavior of its users. He said:

“If anything we might have de-emphasized the check-in a little bit. Just because we’re starting to see that a lot of the people that are using the app are not even checking in. They use it for recommendations, to explore, they use it to look up tips for the restaurant they’re currently at, to see where their friends are. We’ve been seeing this in our data for the past couple months or so.

And hey, if people want to use the app and continue to interact with it without checking in, that’s fine. That’s why we’ve made some of the other parts of the app the centerpiece this time around.”

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