BMO Study: One in Three Canadian Businesses “Likes” Social Media

A new BMO Bank of Montreal study released today suggests that a third of Canadian businesses have a social media presence. The same number of entrepreneurs suggest that social media has helped their business prosper.

Over the past few years, social media has become an integral part of everyday life for most Canadians. With more than 18 million Canadian members, over half of our population is on Facebook alone. Businesses have been quick to seize upon the advantages of being present in this online sphere.

The study, conducted by Leger Marketing, also reveals that:

        --  Two in five (43%) business owners who anticipate growth this year agree
            that social media has helped their business prosper.
        --  By sector, businesses in the arts, travel and tourism industries make
            more use of social media than other industries - 67 per cent(i) use at
            least one form of social media for business purposes. This compares to
            33 per cent(i) of businesses in mining, oil & gas and manufacturing
        --  Eastern Canadian businesses are the least likely to see the merits of
            social media, with 48% saying that social media has not helped their
            business. By contrast, 36 per cent of businesses in Western Canada say
            that social media has helped their business.

“Earlier this year, BMO surveyed business owners and found that half of Canadian small businesses believe that social media has the potential to increase their profitability. Mid-way into 2012, almost 50 per cent of those who anticipate growth attribute it in part to their online presence. Canadian businesses are clearly embracing social media as a cost effective yet powerful marketing and customer relations tool,” says Cathy Pin, Vice President, Commercial banking, BMO Bank of Montreal.

Of businesses that use social media, the study found that Facebook is the most important social media site, with over a quarter of businesses active (27 per cent) on the site. Fifteen per cent of businesses use LinkedIn while only one in 10 use Twitter. The most frequent business tweets come from Ontario, where one in six small businesses have an active account, compared to 6 per cent of businesses in Eastern Canada.

Social Media as a Marketing Tool

The study also confirmed the top 3 reasons businesses use social media:

        --  To promote brand or reputation (33 per cent)
        --  To gather ideas or suggestions from people (23 per cent)
        --  To sell business products or services (23 per cent)

“Social media, while still a relatively new communication and marketing channel, is definitely here to stay. We anticipate it playing an increasingly important role for Canadian businesses, as they look for cost effective ways to open new markets and broaden and deepen their connection with customers,” said Cathy Pin, Vice President, Commercial Banking, BMO Bank of Montreal. “Our customers are also telling us they value opportunities to interact with other businesses, network online and share insights and experiences. That’s why we recently launched a new online community for business owners,” added Ms. Pin.  Read More


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