Cash In On Oracle’s Social Media Rush Now

In a very short time, social media has changed the way people engage with each other and with businesses, especially retail and Internet marketers. As a result, there has been an increase in online marketing campaigns aimed at enticing and informing both large and small groups of people about new products and services.

But managing large online marketing campaigns, both local and global, can become very difficult as many of these campaigns include multiple marketing channels such as email marketing, websites, social media pages, blogs, and online forums. Monitoring social media pages, for example, take time and commitment to constantly review comments and then respond accordingly.

Software platforms that allow businesses to create, manage, and grow online marketing campaigns help reduce some of the confusion, frustration, and anxiety marketers and others may feel. Recently,Oracle (ORCLannounced its acquisition of social marketing platform, Vitrue. In addition to creating and managing social media campaigns on popular sites like Facebook or Google+, this platform also allows users to monitor and make changes to social media pages in one convenient place instead of having to visit each account. This saves both time and money, especially for small or local business owners with limited budgets.

Combined with Oracle’s outstanding reputation for data management, Vitrue will no doubt become a favorite resource of many marketers, both seasoned and amateur.

Importance of Social Media

Once considered a fad, social media continues to maintain its popularity. Many marketing reports have stated that more and more people now rely on social media to learn more about their favorite brands, conduct product and service research, and to find out what other customers think. Many people use social media to determine if products and services are worth buying.  Read More


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A Revolution in Social Networking

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