Advertisers opposed to Microsoft move with new Explore

San Francisco The advertising industry has come out strongly against a Microsoft plan that would severely hamper one of the most effective and profitable forms of online advertising.

The plan would also hit the income of websites which depend on advertising and reduce the usefulness of the adverts seen by many internet users, according to the software company’s critics.

The complaints follow Microsoft’s announcement last week that the next version of its web browser, known as Internet Explorer 10, will automatically send a so-called “Do not track” request to all advertisers, unless users turn the feature off.

Advertisers who comply with the request would be unable to send tailored advertising based on a user’s browsing habits. Known as behavioural targeting, the practice results in adverts that on average sell for two and half times as much as non-targeted messages due to their higher relevance, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

Significant advancement

Microsoft’s unexpected move has been welcomed by privacy campaigners as a significant advance in limiting the use of personal data, since most computer users never change the default settings on their browsers. Internet Explorer is the most widely used web browser, accounting for between a third and a half of internet traffic.

Advertising industry representatives attacked the software company for bypassing a wider initiative, involving both internet and advertising companies, of moving towards a less onerous system where users must actively request not to be tracked.  Read More


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