Poll: Facebook ads not working on most users

Facebook adsA new poll shows most Facebook users say ads and comments on the social network have never led them to make a purchase or use a service. (Paul Sakuma / June 5, 2012)

A new poll shows the vast majority of Facebook users say ads on the social network have never led them to make a purchase.

Four out of five Facebook users said neither advertisements nor comments on the social network have ever led them to buy a product or service, according to the poll by Reuters/Ipsos.

The poll comes at a terrible time for Facebook as the company, which just went public last month, struggles with concerns that it hasn’t figured out how to monetize its more than 900-million users effectively.

Before its IPO, the company announced that it has yet to figure out effective ways to generate revenue from users accessing the social network from their mobile devices. That disclosure, which was revealed in documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, set off some red flags for would-be investors.

And even more people became concerned about the general effectiveness of Facebook’s advertising, and not just on mobile, when General Motors announced it was cutting off all its Facebook advertising just prior to the Menlo Park, Calif., company’s IPO.

The latest poll adds fuel to that fire, and unfortunately for Facebook, that wasn’t the only bad news revealed by the poll.  Read More


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