Could the 2012 presidential race be the “apps election”?

It’s more than an accidental typo on an iPhone application. It’s a glaring distinction between his social-media presence and that of his rival, President Barack Obama.

From the beginning, Obama has ruled the political world of social media. He has the most fans, followers or likes onFacebook, on Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and even Myspace(although he hasn’t used it in a year, like the rest of us). The Obama 2012 app came out late last year and provides latest news about the campaign, photos and video, event listings and other information about the 2012 campaign. It also welcomes input from its users, as seen in the welcome message you receive soon after downloading it.

The fact that the Obama camp has already endorsed an app reinforces one of the president’s stronger overall selling points. Last week, he told government agencies that he wants all of them to establish apps in the next year:

“Americans deserve a government that works for them anytime, anywhere, and on any device.”

Let’s face it. The problems with Romney’s official app, With Mitt, didn’t end with “Amercia.” The biggest problem is it doesn’t do much, other than add filters to pictures (“Mittsagram” as one Democrat called it). And it doesn’t even include cool filters and frames, like Rise, Amaro or Hefe (whatever that is).  Read More


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A Revolution in Social Networking

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