Social TV app gives Seven advantage over FTA rivals

THE Seven Network’s Fango social media app for TV has proved a hit, with almost half a million downloads in seven months, prompting Nine, Ten and the ABC to prepare their own versions.

Kristin Carlos, head of TV at Seven’s digital arm Yahoo!7, which runs Fango, said the result was very much above expectations. “We’re really aiming to try to get to three-quarter of a million downloads by the end of 2012,” she said.

About 60 per cent of Fango’s users are women and the largest audience segment is aged 14 to 30, but Ms Carlos says there is an older demographic using the app.

“Five per cent (of users) are aged 40-50 and that’s reflective of people who, for example, are watching Dancing with the Stars on a Sunday night,” she said.

The TV app offered Seven a solution to the problem of fragmented audiences.

“This way we can really offer an integrated campaign to our advertisers. It can be on TV, it can be in Fango, it can be on the show’s official website and playing to that multi-screen behaviour where it can be on any device.”

Industry sources said that Nine was poised to launch its own social TV app and planned to target perceived weaknesses in Fango, such as the lack of a full TV guide. Mi9, Nine’s digital joint venture, was unavailable for comment.

The ABC is expected to launch a social TV app this month as part of a broader social media announcement, while Ten’s launch is thought to be two months away.

Recent research in the Nielsen Online Consumer Research reveals that 6 in 10 Australians now use the internet while watching television, known as the “two-screen” phenomenon.

For the networks this offers rich data on audience reaction. The ABC commissioned research into social media reaction to programs such as the recent Q&A episode featuring Cardinal George Pell and evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins.  Read More


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