How social media helps, hurts couples

How social media helps, hurts couples

Digital services are cropping up for couples to have their own private social networks.

Facebook recently made headlines twice – first, when the company went public and again, when founder Mark Zuckerberg tied the knot. Although Facebook’s IPO was disappointing to those who had high expectations, we can hope at least that Zuckerberg’s marriage will soar, even if his stock did not.

One way the Zuckerbergs – and all couples – can help maintain a healthy connection with each other is to be cautious about the way they use Facebook and all social media, for that matter. As I’ve written before in this column, social networking tools can bring people together, but they can also pull couples apart. Think about it: You and your partner might be sitting next to each other on the couch or in bed, tapping away on your individual laptops, smart phones, or iPads, lost in a virtual world where flirting with a stranger, friend, or old flame is just a click away. In other words, you’re turning on social media—and maybe turning on to someone else, too—even as you tune each other out. From laptops, to smart phones, to tablets, today’s gadgets allow us to remain connected 24/7—yet that doesn’t necessarily mean that we are connected to our partner

There’s no doubt that Facebook and other types of social media can be a real threat to even the strongest relationships. I sometimes advise couples to avoid “friending” each other on social media because it saps a sense of mystery from the relationship. By dinner, you already know that your partner had a lousy day at work, ate a ham sandwich for lunch, and can’t wait for the season finale of Dancing With the Stars. What’s left to talk about? Plus, post some sweet nothings on your partner’s “wall” and you’re apt to get mocked by your friends – or at least make them uncomfortable with your public displays of virtual attention.  Read More


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