Google’s Pichai hints at Chome OS / Android convergence

This year at All Things Digital‘s D10 conference, Google’s Senior Vice President of Chome and Applications Sundar Pichai was interviewed by Walk Mossberg, speaking about both Chrome and Android in one. The main object of their discussion, which also included Google’s Senior Vice President of Advertising Susan Wojcicki, was indeed Chrome OS but also Chrome as a web browser, and how it’s overtaken the former king Internet Explorer in world browser share. Perhaps the most interesting bit of the conversation, on the other hand, sat squarely in the world of Android, and how Pichai saw mobile and not-so-mobile Google operating systems converging.

First it was all about business, with Internet Explorer being pushed out by Chrome more heavily on Windows machines than on Mac, Mossberg asking about “platform dispairity” and finding from Pichai that it’s speed that’s gaining them the upper hand, but that they’re winning on Windows because thats where Chrome as a browser was first developed.

“We are definitely more popular on Windows, but it’s because that’s where we launched. There are places where our share is over 50 percent today. I think the speed of Chrome is much more notable when you have a slow connection.” – Pichai

Speaking next on how the Android world figures in to all this, Pichai had quite a bit more to say, noting that just like some people have an iPhone and a MacBook, soo too could then have a ChromeBook and an Android smartphone. It is here that Pichai makes it relatively clear that through apps, both Chrome and Android are already one, and will continue to move closer to one another as time goes on.  Read More


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