Chicago police crackdown on gangs using social media

>>> chicago leaders are vowing a boots on the ground community effort. ten were killed. 43 wounded over the memorial day weekend alone. the city’s mayor says the violence cuts right to the city’s core.

>> you cannot find comfort that it didn’t happen in your neighborhood because it happened in your city. you cannot find comfort because it was not in my block. it happened in your city.

>> joining me now is robert tracy, chief of crime control strategies for the chicago police department . there is a big story to be discussed about what took place over the weekend in chicago . as we look at a broader analysis there have been more murders this year in chicago than the same time last year. some are looking at the heat to blame putting more people on the street. what do you blame for this recent outbreak of violence that we saw just over this weekend alone?

>> historically on memorial day weekend we have a lot of violence. there is no excuse for having that. we have put in place a gang violence reduction strategy plan. we have taken a look at crime and the recent spike in murders. we have noticed that the gangs have been flintering and fracturing and younger members of gangs have been vying for power. it is doubling the violence. we are reducing shootings but murders have been going up. we reduce shootings and concentrate on those murders will start going down. we are confident with the new plan we are rolling out and integrated technology we will get the violence down.

>> the mayor there who is the former chief of staff to the president has said that the police have been more reactive to the spike in crime as opposed to being proactive. why in your estimation has the department not been able to get on the other side of this?  See The Video


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