Ballmer’s Windows 8 Forecast Not as Bombastic as First Reported

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is known for his hyperbole and bombast. He once bounded onstage at an employee event, jumping around and screaming “I LOVE this company,” which helped him earn the nickname, “Monkey Boy.” This time, the hyperbole seems to have been a case of lack of clarification of his remarks earlier about Windows 8.

Various news outlets reported that Ballmer told an audience at the Seoul Digital Forum in South Korea on May 22 that he predicted that 500 million users would have Windows 8-powered devices in their hands by the end of 2013. Windows 8 is expected to be released sometime this fall. Well, that sounded like an overreach to a number of Microsoft industry watchers.

The second-day story, however, is a more nuanced prediction by Ballmer. TheWebsite GeekWire reported May 23 that, based on a transcript of Ballmer’s remarks in Seoul, that he was talking about all Windows machine sales, not just of Windows 8. And some of that Windows 8 adoption could be upgrades of Windows 7 machines.  Read More


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