Another idea for Apple’s rumored TV: An ‘iDevice’

A Forrester analyst puts out the idea that Apple needs to offer something less like a TV to make a splash. But that only tells part of the story.
(Credit: Josh Lowensohn/CNET)

It still may be a down economy for many, but the veritable cottage industry for jockeying when Apple will enter the TV business is booming. The latest to weigh in on the topic is Forrester analyst James McQuivey with a suggestion that Apple ought to offer a device that sounds to me like something between a giant iPad, and Microsoft’s latest version of its Surface computer.

Without mentioning Microsoft’s table computing product, which was revamped last January to work both as a table and mounted to a wall, McQuivey suggests a TV set from Apple would be more like a giant iPad married with Microsoft Kinect, enabling both touch and gesture controls, and — of course — apps:

Here’s me putting on the record what I’ve been telling clients behind closed doors for more than a year: Apple should sell the world’s first non-TV TV. Instead of selling a replacement for the TV you just bought, Apple should convince millions of Apple fans that they need a new screen in their lives. Call it the iHub, a 32-inch screen with touch, gesture, voice, and iPad control that can be hung on the wall wherever the family congregates for planning, talking, or eating — in more and more U.S. homes, that room is the dining room or eat-in kitchen. By pushing developers to create apps that serve as the hub of family life — complete with shared calendars, photo and video viewers, and FaceTime for chatting with grandma — this non-TV TV could take off, ultimately positioning Apple to replace your 60-inch set once it’s ready to retire.

As Fortune points out, McQuivey isn’t the first to float the idea of the Apple TV as a catch-all device. In a note to investors last month, Jefferies analyst Peter Misek suggested Apple’s TV set would be named the “iPanel” and serve as a “display, gaming center, media hub, computer, home automator, etc.”   Read More


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