Jury foreman: Oracle wasn’t even close in patent phase

by May 23, 2012 4:44 PM PDT

After a jury today decided that Google did not infringe on two of Oracle’s patents, it was revealed that most of the jury seemed to favor Google’s patent arguments from the trial’s beginning.

After verdict was handed down at the U.S. District Court of Northern California and the jury was dismissed, jury foreman Greg Thompson stopped in the hall to answer reporters’ questions regarding deliberations. At one point during deliberations in the Java API copyright phase, Thompson said, he was the lone holdout, managing to swing a couple of jurors to his side, according to a report in Arstechnica.

From the beginning of deliberations in the patent phase, most jurors were siding with Google’s argument, with a few undecided, Thompson said. As the lone pro-Oracle holdout, Thompson said the judge’s curt responses to the jury’s questions were of “limited helpfulness,” and he eventually realized that he was making no progress toward swaying other jurors to his side.

Thompson said the jury did not deliberate long in the infringement phase, which Oracle won in a split decision. The sentiment among jurors was that the answer to that question had been dictated to them during Judge William Alsup’s instruction to the jury that they must assume that the APIs are copyrighted.  Read More


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