Understanding Facebook’s New Privacy Policy

Facebook has made some changes to what it calls its “data use policy,” which is essentially the same as its privacy policy. The company has also added a  ”Facebook Terms and Policies” hub that serves as a central landing page for all of Facebook’s policies, including a link to its Data Use Policy.  Facebook also published an ”Explanation of changes,” and posted a track changes document that shows the changes with additions and deleted text highlighted in red.  The company’s  data use policy document has little light bulbs to highlight important points that it thinks people need to pay attention to.

Mostly minor changes

Most of the changes are fairly minor and some are designed to provide extra information per an agreement between Facebook and the Irish Data Protection Commission.

For example, the company added language that states exactly what information about users is always made public such as name, profile picture and cover photo, networks you’re part of and your user name and ID. It also says that “your age range, locale (or language) and gender can also be made public.  Some of that public information, such as your profile picture, can be deleted from your timeline.”  Read More


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