TU Me: A New VoIP and Social Comms iPhone App from Telefonica

From You TU Me

VoIP has long been a thorn in the side of CSPs, losing them valuable calling billable minutes and clogging up the network with additional data. The massive success of Skype has seen several attempts to duplicate the model, with varying success, but this is the first dedicated app we’ve seen from a telco.

TU Me comes from Telefonica and is out now on iPhone via the App Store around the world. It will be packaged or promoted with the company’s various brands including Telefonica, Movistar, Vivo and O2, but can be used on any network.

Rather than just emulate Skype, it comes with a full history timeline, adds social sharing and will be updated regularly with new features to create a compelling offering. The app comes from the company’s TU division which was created just six months ago to create better social experiences for users.

 TU Me is designed to make it as easy for people to communicate with their friends and family. Users can exchange text messages, make calls, leave voice messages, share photos and location information. Interactions are stored in a timeline format, making it easy to view, scroll through and keep a history of conversations.  Read More

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A Revolution in Social Networking

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