CTIA Keynote: Spectrum, Innovation Issues For Wireless Industry

CTIA Keynote: Spectrum, Innovation Issues For Wireless Industry

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The wireless industry is poised for growth, however, it has a rather large roadblock that could stop everything: spectrum. The key to further growth in the arena is the opening up of spectrum and forward growth in innovation. That’s what was discussed in a keynote speech at CTIA Wireless on Tuesday.

Sustainability, security and innovation are all key drivers to the wireless industry, as identified by Patrick Riordon, president and CEO of Cellcom and Chairman of CTIA-The Wireless Association. “To accomplish this, CTIA will work with industry members, regulators and legislators to ensure a healthy, efficient and competitive wireless industry,” Riordon said.

Spectrum stands in the way of all of those objectives. “Greater innovation will come when increased spectrum is made available with equality to all carriers,” said Riordon. “It will stimulate worldwide growth of economies,” the CTIA Chairman said during his keynote speech, urging the government to make more spectrum available.

That request was addressed by Julius Genachowski, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), who took the stage after Riordon. He discussed several ways the government is working with CTIA and the wireless industry.

In addressing security concerns, the government has partnered the CTIA as part of an “initiative to tackle the increase in cell phone theft.” These programs will allow phones to be disabled if stolen; and provide password protection and apps that will help locate lost or stolen phones.

While Genachowski discussed security, jobs initiatives and other concerns in the sector, he focused his talk on spectrum. He outlined many ways the government is working to free up spectrum space and push innovation in the wireless industry.

“Last year we became the first country in the world to free up whitespace for unlicensed use,” Genachowski said. While it’s not happening yet, the FCC and the government are working on holding spectrum auctions, and reallocating spectrum currently held by the government and military.  Read More


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