Can Social Media Ease Your Business Decisions?

Given the overwhelming flow of information, both vital and utterly trivial, available to all of us 24/7, has it become easier or harder to make business decisions? Is social media helpful or just another distraction?

The recent study by Forbes Insights and global ideas shop gyro, “The @Work State of Mind Project,” examined these questions. The results show that executives are pretty evenly divided on whether making business decisions has become easier or harder over the past few years. But those who say it has gotten easier include more of those who use social media of all sorts for business purposes. And no, this doesn’t break down along the generational lines that you, dear reader, probably expect.

(While executives were almost evenly divided on the ease/difficulty issue, they agreed by a 3-to-1 margin that they are making better decisions today. So even if the process is harder, it’s presumably worth it.)

First, let’s step back a moment. To quote from one of the study’s key findings: “Social networks are important for conducting business. About two in three respondents (67%) said that such work-related networks play a significant role in business, and 56% said that personal social networks influence their determinations. But business-related networks are clearly more important than ones more focused on personal life.”  Read More


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