The Samsung Galactic Empire

This past week has been especially kind to Samsung. Big sales numbers were followed by the unveiling of the Galaxy S III, the company’s latest flagship phone and one that could very well own the market this summer.

The S III runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest version of Google’s (Nasdaq: GOOG) operating system and one that up to this point hasn’t taken residence on a very large number of phones. As opposed to Apple’s (Nasdaq: AAPL) monolithic update strategy Get Whitepaper: Simple Strategies for Enhancing eCommerce Profitability, Android updates come along when phonemakers say they will. So far, not too many phones have signed up for a bump up to ICS.

Barring updates, the way a new OS version makes it out into the wild is by shipping as the out-of-the box OS on new phones. If the S III is as big a hit as it’s expected to be, it could usher in a big surge for ICS.

Samsung’s new phone also ushers in some new features, like Smart Stay. That uses eye tracking through the front camera to figure out what you’re doing with the phone and act accordingly. If you’re reading an e-book, for example, it’ll adjust the brightness. Then there’s the Siri-esque S Voice. Tell it what you want, it gets it for you — maybe. Sassy replies may or may not be part of the package.

With S Beam, two device users can share data quickly without the help of a WiFi network. And AllShare Cast will put content from the phone onto a TV.

Availability is still a little foggy for now, at least for U.S. buyers. Dates, carriers and prices are still way up in the air. The initial sticker price could be north of $200 — top-of-the-line phones aren’t so shy about asking for $300 plus contract straight out of the gate at this point. Usually better prices can be found with a little online detective work, though.  Read More


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