Obama’s Appeasement in Face of Russian Threats Not Working

Russia’s threat to go to war over a missile defense shield being planned in Eastern Europe reveals the weakness of the Obama administration’s policy of appeasement of enemies of the United States.

According to CNS News, the threat was made by Russian Chief of General Staff Nikolai Makarov and will apparently be backed up by Iskander short-range missiles in Kaliningrad, which borders Poland. Thus far the Obama administration’s response has been to coo about cooperation and achieving “common ground.”

The Russian threat of war comes after President Barack Obama was caught on a live mic, according to The Blaze, begging then-Russian President Dmitri Medvedev to give him “space” until after the election, whereupon he would be more “flexible” concerning the missile defense shield. The Russians, predictably, have concluded Obama is a pushover and have started employing Cold War-style military threats.

The Russians have done this sort of thing before, back when the Soviet Union still existed. During the late 1970s and early 1980s the Soviets deployed hundreds of SS-20, a first strike intermediate range weapon designed to intimidate Western Europe. President Ronald Reagan despite intense pressure not to do so in the media and elsewhere, responded by deploying Pershing II ballistic missiles and Tomahawk cruise missiles, according to Newsmax.

Once the Soviets realized Reagan was serious about finishing any war the Soviets started, they negotiated a treaty that banned the deployment of such weapons by both sides.

The contrast between the two presidents, Obama and Reagan, cannot be starker. Obama has responded to Russian threats with appeasement and weakness. Reagan responded to Soviet threats with strength and resolution. As a result, while Obama is being run roughshod by the Russians, much to the detriment of American power and prestige. Reagan won the Cold War and put the Soviet Empire on the ash heap of history.  Read More


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