The Five Challenges of Social Media Management in Tourism

I recently ran a series of posts for the French side of my blog, interviewing different tourism organizations in the province of Quebec (Canada) that execute many aspects of their social media strategy effectively. There was a big city hotel, a destination spa in the Eastern Townships, a regional destination marketing organization (DMO), a cultural promotion office and a well-known resort located North of Montreal. Each have different realities, yet similar approaches and concerns. However, when I asked them what was their greatest challenge in managing social media moving forward, they gave very different answers. And from my experience in the past four years in this sphere, it’s a safe bet that these concerns are shared by many in the tourism & travel industry.

1. Staying in the know

Social Media logos

The social media landscape evolves so fast that many feel ignorant or fear being left in the cold with all these changes. When it’s not Facebook making its almost-monthly major facelift, it’s Youtube introducing changes to its branded channels, Twitter promoted tweets or LinkedIn changing its company pages. Not to mention when a new-comer like Pinterest shows up, or Google+ taking its foothold or Instagram becoming the new must-have, must-do-something-with application for destinations and hotel marketers alike.

More than 80% of organizations in the tourism industry are small or medium businesses (SMB), with many Mom & Pop shops or solo-preneur inns and family-owned restaurants. Staying abreast of every change in social media and its implication is near impossible, so many rely on their DMO officers for know-how and training in order to stay on top of things.  Read More


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