Gloves Off: Facebook vs. Google

If you love watching two tech titans have a catfight, this is your month so far. Facebook and Google just got into the ring to duke it out.
Round One: Knowing Facebook was having a big announcement this week, Google chose to steal the limelight in advance by annoucing its long-awaited answer to Facebook, Google+.
Round Two: Oh by the way, Google+ will feature video chat.
Round Three: Facebook had its launch, anyway, and was quick to mention that it has 750 million users worldwide (that would be 749,999,000 more million users than the 1,000 Google+ users who have signed up since last week.)
Round Four: Facebook is also launching online video chat by integrating Skype calling with its online chat client.
Round Five: Google+’s “Google Hangouts” will enable online video chatters to host multiple callers at the same time. Skype calls on Facebook are, for now, limited to two people at a time. Read More


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