Ponytail Bonsai

What to Expect:
In General, bonsai trees do not like change, so altered routines or conditions may result in your Bonsai tree dropping some leaves.  New leaves should regrow once the plant is settled into its new environment.

There are too many fertilizers on the market for me to suggest one kind, but I will tell you that feeding your bonsai and other house plants is a good thing.  I suggest talking with your local garden center professional or a little of your own research would be very helpful.

I recommend placing your bonsai in an area that will allow a few hours of early morning or late afternoon sun.

Do not keep soaking wet and do not let your bonsai become extremely dry.  Modestly moist soil will achieve the best results.


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  1. Does anyone knows if this kind of bonsai needs a lot of sun? I love bonsais, they are adorable plants!!!


  2. I hear that they take light in moderation.



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